Project Safety Manager for Large Industrial Project in Prineville, OR

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Job Overview

Establishes and maintains all of the safety elements required to create an injury-free environment on a project jobsite. This individual will provide enthusiastic safety leadership, implement safety programs, inspire and promote a strong safety culture, develop a site specific safety plan, provide site specific safety orientation to over 500+ workers, help manage a team of subcontractor safety professionals and perform weekly audits and daily reviews to ensure that all behaviors and conditions are in a safe state, in compliance with OSHA regulations and with Fortis’ safety requirements. Multiple positions open.

  • Develop Site Specific Safety Plan
  • Help familiarize Fortis and subcontractor superintendents, project managers and workers with the Fortis safety manual
  • Must be familiar with health and safety hazards on construction sites, and with all applicable best practices or OSHA regulations to help prevent those hazards
  • Help ensure observation, inspection, anticipation, evaluation and abatement of risks and hazards on an ongoing basis
  • Purchase first aid supplies, AED, fire extinguishers, and other supplies needed for project start up.
  • Develop and implement emergency response plan for the project
  • Develop and deliver the Site Specific Safety Orientation to all personnel on project
  • Deliver weekly safety meetings to all personnel onsite
  • Review and participate in Pre-Task Planning
  • Review and participate in crane lift plans, confined space permits, hot work permits, Method of Procedures for energization, LOTO program
  • Facilitate in Root Cause Analysis and investigations on near misses and incidents
  • Ensure subcontractors provide their safety programs, JHAs, SDSs, and safety resources to help promote an injury-free environment
  • Set project milestones, track and report safety indicators and metrics to project team and owner reps


  • Must have 6 to 8 years of experience in construction safety, preferably with some experience in general contractor safety
  • Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in EHS
  • Candidates may have OSHA 510 and 511 or a CHST 

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