Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager

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Job Overview

Accountable for the development and implementation of a campus-wide QA/QC plan as well as expanding and enhancing Fortis’ existing QA/QC procedures, policies and tools for mission critical projects. Reports to the Sr. Project Manager.

The QA/QC Manager will be expected to provide hands-on management of the QA/QC efforts and provide guidance to other team members you interact with and manage on a daily basis. The QA/QC Manager will have direct oversight and review of the entire documentation and inspection phases of the work ensuring all of the quality objectives of the project are met. Although this is a managerial position, you will be expected to know the drawings and specifications and dig into the details to resolve issues. You will be expected to deploy and insure conformance to project specific QA/QC process, controls and procedures to address the needs of the project as it evolves over time.

You must be able to integrate into the owner and Fortis team rapidly and gain their respect and trust quickly. An ability to move fast and quickly make solid strategic and technical decisions on the go is critical for success.

  • Develop and implement overall QA/QC Program.
  • Learn and work with the Fortis onsite BIM360 professional.
  • Work collaboratively with the client’s QA/QC staff and agent to develop and incorporate their requirements into Fortis’ plan.
  • Manage Fortis QA/QC resources, including direct oversight of QA/QC project engineer(s) and superintendents as it pertains to QA/QC. Ensure all levels of QA/QC documentation are completed & documented properly per the QA/QC plan.
  • Work closely with vendors, including attendance of factory witness tests and coordinate assembly of testing documentation.
  • Identify scope / responsibility matrix required for proper execution of QAQC plan. Work with Preconstruction team to ensure these scopes are clearly identified in subcontracts prior to issuance.
  • Review shop drawings and submittals for conformance with the Owner Purchase Order and equipment specifications.
  • Verify and document that all OFE equipment received are in conformance with the approved submittals, are handled and stored appropriately and are acceptable for use in the project.
  • Coordination of on-site mockups as required by the specifications.
  • Management of the submittal review and RFI processes.
  • Management of the document control process.
  • Chair and document weekly QA/QC meetings with subcontractors, superintendents, project engineers, Owner and their agents.
  • Conduct preconstruction meetings with subcontractors, superintendents and project engineers to discuss quality expectations, confirm submittals have been reviewed and approved, sequence of work, schedule and any issues that may affect quality.
  • Conduct preparatory, initial and follow up meetings for each definable feature of work.
  • Coordinate periodic follow up inspections to verify and document that the work is proceeding per the drawings, specifications and submittals.
  • Coordinate weekly QA/QC job site walks with superintendents, project engineers, Owner and their agents. Document results of walk and follow up items.
  • Verify BIM 360 check lists and that subcontractors, superintendents, project engineers, Owner and their agents, vendors and design team are using BIM 360 in the field.
  • Verify and document that all materials and equipment received are in conformance with the approved submittals, are handled and stored appropriately and are acceptable for use in the project.
  • Coordinate and document required code and independent inspections and any non-conformances and re-inspections.
  • Actively participate in all design review meetings, as well as technical related matters that may arise.
  • Stop work if necessary to resolve issues that affect the safety and quality of the project.
  • Management of the project closeout and documentation including, punch list process, final inspections, certificates of occupancy, commissioning documents, O&M manuals, as-built and warranties.


  • Construction management or technical engineering degree.
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in the construction industry preferably in the mission critical facilities market.
  • Strong knowledge of civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical work.
  • Ability to travel to site up to 5 days/week or relocate to city near project site.
  • Performance in similar roles on multiple projects in past.
  • Strong EQ skills that allow one build relationships with a wide spectrum of people.
  • Assigned full time to projects.

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