Oct 23, 2013

Fortis places 9th amongst Healthiest Employers of Oregon 2013

Earlier this month the Portland Business Journal, along with Indianapolis-based Healthiest Employers LLC, recognized Fortis Construction as one of the Healthiest Employers of Oregon in the category of businesses with 5-99 employees. Companies were assessed for this award based on their innovative employee wellness programs. 

Our annual Employee Fitness Challenge put Fortis in the running for this award. As Fortis Safety Manager Demetra Star explains, “When we started the Fitness Challenge three years ago, it was a spontaneous movement that was prompted by a common sentiment during the summer to get into the outdoors and have fun, of finding motivation to lose a few extra pounds, inspiring each other to eat better, and sparked by a little friendly competition. What we discovered is that uniting people into teams of four brought us together, that many of us were interested in sharing our healthy lifestyle tips, and we watched each other grow into or re-kindle the athlete within us. In some small way we connected with each other, learned about each other, and inspired each other.”

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