Oct 07, 2015

LEED Gold in Seattle

"Building operations are nearly 40% of the solution to the global climate change challenge. While climate change is a global problem, innovative companies like Fortis Construction are addressing it through local solutions.”

- Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council

Fortis Construction has achieved LEED Commercial Interiors Gold certification with this large professional services firm office in Seattle's US Bank Centre. The 40,000-square-foot, multi-floor office was built out over six months, with construction concluding in early 2015.

The workplace provides extensive open-office space, collaboration and meeting environments, various amenities and a connecting stair. In more detail, the firm’s new office includes a large flex space that can be used for entertaining, training and hoteling workstations. Moveable walls allow the space to adjust to the specific needs of these functions. Also, adjacent to this flex space is a dedicated training center. This juxtaposition to the flex space combined with the moveable-wall system allows the training center to more than double in size, as needed.

In addition to the large flex space and training center, the office includes an extensive range of conference, meeting and breakout spaces to support the firm’s overall young and highly mobile workforce. These spaces accommodate a range of group sizes and work styles: barstool-like seating at windows provides solitary workspace with a view; open-area bench seating with dry-erase boards and large monitors allow for impromptu, mid-size team meetings; and dedicated conference rooms allow for large, private meetings with videoconferencing support.

Also catering to the mobile workforce, this Seattle office is supported by a dedicated Business Center, IT Customer Support Center, Service Hub and Interactive Café. Detailed wayfinding/signage and a centrally located connecting stair ensure that support areas can be efficiently accessed by both Seattle-based staff as well as the unfamiliar traveling staff member and visiting client. Other amenities include a breakout gaming space, large kitchen and a break room with a small kitchen and coffee bar. 

To provide a Seattle-specific look and feel while aligning with the large professional service firm’s corporate standards, Fortis completed numerous customs installations ranging from Chihuly art displays and regionally named conference room signage to coffee-bean infused glass panels and locally salvaged reclaimed wood elements. Also, to take advantage of the 360-degree views from the 27th and 28th floors, these custom details and the overall office layout combine to give emphasis to the exceptional sightlines to the Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Mount Rainier, Olympic Mountain Range and Puget Sound.

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