Zero field conflicts with MEP trades when building the 60,000 sq. ft. UO Ford Alumni Center  

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11 consecutive years on Oregon Business Magazine's Best Companies to Work For in Oregon list

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1,000,000 Project man-hours without lost time injury

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Sustainability is engrained in our company and jobsite culture

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Fortis’ approach and success with diversity and outreach

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Fortis is an employee-owned general contractor headquartered in Portland, Oregon. From straight-forward to technically advanced projects, Fortis works to build lasting impressions in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


We work with our clients collaboratively throughout the life of a project. This approach requires Fortis to be proficient in an array of disciplines across the construction spectrum.

General Contracting


Value Analysis


Construction Management

Site Selection / Feasibility Studies

Financial Modeling

Building Information Management

Core Ideology

We make an impact.

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Life is too short. We want to work with and for people we respect, trust and care about.


We have an intense will to win. We will go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else.


We will continuously seek out challenges and push boundaries with creative ideas and solutions.


We are driven by work ethic and craftsmanship. We do our best work even if no one is looking.



Fortis believes in the heritage of craftsmanship, while honoring the traditional construction process. We focus on what’s best for every job individually. Creativity shapes our methods, sustainability drives our decisions and safety is always paramount.

Virtual Design

Virtual Design & Construction

Fortis’ team of in-house VDC professional staff can bring your building to life before ever breaking ground. While every good contractor will say they provide Virtual Design & Construction services, we cut the sales pitch and will show you the true impact of what our VDC Team has accomplished. Get in touch if you'd like to hear more success stories.

Data-Driven Building Maintenance

For OSU’s $51M, 135,000-square-foot Learning Innovation Center, Fortis created an Enhanced Closeout And Maintenance Management (eCAMM) VDC package. Found to be so useful, OSU is now adopting our deliverable for campus-wide facilities management.

Construction Simulations Rooted in Reality

Our experienced Reality Capture professionals are a key component in grounding any complex construction challenge to real world conditions. Fortis’ ability to synthesize design and construction information with laser scanning, construction photography, and drone imagery has made the difference in understanding highly technical design challenges and building project certainty.


Construction incidents are not inevitable. Every Fortis project is designed as an Injury-Free Environment (IFE). Fortis fosters and recognizes safety innovation.

  • Hands-on training scenarios.
  • Piloting pocket-sized Pre-Task Plans customized for individual workers.
  • Use of alternative, lighter weight materials and ergonomic processes.
  • Fortis designed material cart increases productivity and air quality.

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We recognize our company’s impact on the environment and are committed to being part of the solution to fight climate change. In 2022, we committed to measuring our corporate impact across carbon, waste, water, materials, and wellness via the Sustainable Contractors Commitment.