Mar 19, 2020

Supporting Clients in the COVID-19 Environment

Medical Centers across the country are at the front lines of addressing COVID-19, and Fortis Construction is working with our clients to address the fast-changing needs. For Oregon Health & Science University, upon receiving an urgent request, the Fortis Team assembled within hours to build emergency modifications for the General Emergency Department and Doernbecher Children's Hospital Emergency Department.

Highlights of Team efforts included:

  • A team member who had started his usual workday at 4:30 a.m. stayed to work through the night
  • Another team member put in a 17-hour shift to help get the job done
  • One team member returned from home after his usual workday, making an emergency trip to the warehouse to gather supplies and a Fortis flatbed truck
  • A birthday boy skipped his on his own birthday dinner to come in and help!

The team continues to check in with Emergency Department staff to maintain these new modifications as needed.

As a result of the hard work, we received this heartfelt note from an OHSU staff member:

Fortis Construction: They heard the call. They stepped up within hours of me calling to assist in providing material to build the isolation pods. Since then, they have donated critical PPE for our healthcare workers who are face to face with our community who are possibly ill with COVID-19. I challenge anyone who is able to donate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to a local healthcare organization to do so. We need you more than ever. This is truly a community effort.

To summarize such an experience that reflects the Fortis Core Values in action, a team member put it, “The epitome of relationships, pioneering, winning, and pride!”

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