• Nov 19, 2015

    T5@Portland Grand Opening

    The Grand Opening Ceremony, Ribbon Cutting and Open House was held to celebrate Comcast and T5 Data Centers' new T5@Portland Data Center in Hillsboro, Oregon. Representation from the City of Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, T5 Data Center, Comcast and Fortis Construction were on hand to celebrate the occasion. 



    About T5@Portland

    Portland is one of the fast-rising, sought after data center markets in the United States, due to its tax advantages, low cost and clean source of power, limited natural disaster risk, strong network connectivity, available skilled labor and low cost of doing business.

    T5@Portland is a brand new, purpose-built data center offering concurrently maintainable infrastructure designed to support flexible data hall sizes and densities. Tenants will have secured data halls and will be in complete control of their applications and servers. Turn key and powered shell space available.

    The facility offers:

    Two independent buildings on purpose built data center campus
    18.0 MW of critical power delivered in phases
    LEED Silver design anticipated
    Significant Sales and Property tax savings available
    Secure/autonomous Data Halls
    Power densities available from up to 300 watts per square foot.
    Highly efficient mechanical systems with annualized PUE of 1.30
    Hardened building shell, exceeding all current seismic requirements
    (important factor of 1.5g)
    Overall facilities size 200,000+ square feet with office/support

    For more information on the T5@Portland Data Center and T5 Data Centers visit:


  • Sep 02, 2015

    Fortis and Facebook to Build a Third Data Center in Prineville, Oregon

    Fortis Construction, Inc. will be working for the third time in Prineville, Oregon, with Facebook to deliver what will be the largest Facebook Data Center at the location. The project ensures a $200M+ economic impact for Central Oregon. 

    To learn more about the project, read the following Bend Bulletin article and official Facebook post below:

    The official post by Facebook’s West Region Director of Data Center Operations, Ken Patchett...

    Five years ago, Facebook broke ground on its first wholly owned data center in Prineville. We’re proud to be a part of this wonderful Crook County community, and to have built one of the most energy efficient and sustainable data centers in the world here. It has served as a prototype for our four subsequent data centers in Forest City, Lulea, Altoona and, soon, Fort Worth.

    Now, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be constructing our third data center building in Prineville, which will represent an additional capital investment in excess of $200 million.

    We expect that data center construction will continue to support thousands of jobs in the regional economy and generate millions of dollars in economic impact as an ECONorthwest study we commissioned last year showed: https://www.facebook.com/notes/prineville-data-center/connecting-the-world-and-making-an-impact/10152103502378133.

    Today, there are 147 people working here – with 85% living in Crook County. Our goals in both construction and the operation of Facebook’s data center in Prineville have always been to make Prineville a priority, be a great neighbor, and assist with the area’s economic development.

    Building 3 will feature the latest Open Compute Project hardware designs — including Yosemite, Wedge, and 6-pack — and, like our other buildings, will be cooled using our cool Central Oregon high desert air instead of energy-intensive air conditioners.

    Our appreciation goes to the City of Prineville, Crook County and the State of Oregon for their support, with deep thanks to the City Council and County Commission, and Mayor Betty Roppe and Judge Mike McCabe; Senators Wyden and Merkley and Congressman Walden; and Representative Mike McLane, Senator Mark Hass and Governor Kate Brown.

    We’re also investing in Crook County and the community where we work: Since 2011, Facebook has donated $1,065,000 to Crook County schools and qualified nonprofits through its Community Action Grants program and local donations, including the support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. We’re also enjoying volunteering in our schools and more.

    Again, thank you to Prineville and Crook County, for all your support.


  • Jul 08, 2015

    DPR Fortis Mission Critical Breaks Ground on Facebook’s Newest Data Center Campus in Fort Worth

    July 07, 2015

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- Fortis Construction in joint venture with DPR Construction, two of the nation’s leading technical builders focused on highly complex and sustainable projects, today break ground on a new data center for Facebook in the AllianceTexas development in north Fort Worth.

    The 500,000-square-foot facility will incorporate the latest in computing infrastructure design. The facility is expected to be online starting in late 2016.

    “Our team is excited and proud that this relationship with Facebook now includes four data center campuses and more than two million square feet of construction,” said Executive Vice President David Aaroe of DPR Fortis. “This is an enjoyable effort for all who are involved, when we can deliver one of the most advanced, efficient, and sustainable data centers in the world while bringing new jobs and investment to the Fort Worth area.”

    “We’re excited to be celebrating this significant project milestone and continuing to support Facebook in the development of the most efficient computing infrastructure possible,” said Andy Andres of DPR Fortis. “Our DPR Fortis team will build upon our previous experience to deliver a world-class mission critical facility.”

    This Fort Worth project is the fourth Facebook data center campus built by the DPR Fortis Mission Critical team—a joint venture between DPR Construction and Fortis Construction. Previous projects include:

    • Facebook’s first ground-up data center in Prineville, Oregon, which won “Project of the Year” and “Green Project of the Year” from Engineering News-Record in 2011
    • Two 370,000-plus-square-foot facilities in Forest City, North Carolina, as well as ancillary buildings
    • A 300,000-square-foot data center in Lulea, Sweden—Facebook’s first data center outside of the U.S.

    ​To view this release on BusinessWire, click here

    To visit Facebook's official Facebook Page for the Fort Worth Data Center, click here. For Mark Zuckerberg's post on the project, click here

    Below is the announcement posted by Facebook's Ken Patchett, Director of Data Center Operations, West Region:

    We're thrilled to announce that we've started construction on our newest data center, right here in Fort Worth, Texas. Along with our Prineville, Forest City, Lulea, and Altoona data centers, Fort Worth will soon be one of the cornerstones of the global infrastructure that brings Facebook apps and services to you every day and is helping connect billions more people through Internet.org.

    We put a lot of effort into choosing where to locate a facility like this. There are a lot of things we look for — everything from a shovel-ready site, to access to renewable energy, to great partnerships with the local community, to a strong pool of local talent for construction and long-term operations staff. We think we've found all that and more in Fort Worth, and we're excited to be getting started.

    Our Fort Worth facility will be one of the most advanced, efficient, and sustainable data centers in the world. It will feature the latest in our Open Compute Project hardware designs — including Yosemite, Wedge, and 6-pack — and it will be cooled using outdoor air instead of energy-intensive air conditioners. (Yes, we can make that work even in the middle of the kinds of summers we have here in Texas.)

    The Fort Worth data center will also be powered by 100% renewable energy, thanks to the 200 MW of new wind energy that we worked with Citigroup Energy, Alterra Power Corporation, and Starwood Energy Group to bring to the Texas grid. Construction on the project is already under way on a 17,000-acre site in Clay County, just 90 miles from the data center, and we expect it to begin delivering clean energy to the grid by 2016. 200 MW is more energy than we will need for the foreseeable future, and we're proud to have played a role in bringing this project to Texas.

    The other thing we are proud to be able to bring to Texas are new jobs and investment. You can read more about the impact our data center investments have had so far in Oregon, North Carolina, and Sweden, but for us it goes beyond just economic impact. We are making our home here in Fort Worth, and we want to do what we can to help the city of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, and the state of Texas continue to thrive.

    Thank you to those of you who have helped us get to this point. We are excited to be here!

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