Modular MEP Design and Prefabrication

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In Singapore, Fortis Construction is working to deliver the world’s largest multi-story data center. Here, the organizations of the Building Construction Authority (BCA) and Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS) aim to upskill and increase the knowledge base across the design and construction industry and, overall, improve the construction productivity of the country. In support of the goals of these organizations, Fortis presented “Modular MEP Design and Prefabrication” as a component of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) in order to increase knowledge of design, manufacturing and installation requirements. 

The included document is Fortis’ Introductory Course on Modular MEP Design and Prefabrication—presented at BCA and STAS events by Fortis’ Andy Jackson and Stephen Adams—which covers: Prefab MEP Manufacturing, Procurement, Modular Design Sharing, Implementation, and the Production and Installation Process, among other elements of DfMA.

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