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How many lives can be changed by one bridge?

Bridges to Prosperity: a Suspension-Bridge Service Project


Muhanga District of Rwanda, Africa


Our envisioned future is to build something extraordinary on every continent of the world.

This video shows the how and the why with the Fortis Construction team’s effort in Rwanda.

“During the rain seasons, the high waters cut off more than 4,500 people of Rwabagenzi from schools, healthcare and commerce. Recently, the community was devastated by a woman being swept away two months before her wedding and also losing an elder to the river.”

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"Learning the culture, building something extraordinary, and bonding with the team will forever be imprinted on my brain. Building this bridge has not only made an impact on my life, I’m happy to know that it will leave a everlasting impact on the community it serves and those who helped make it happen."

LauraBeth Lewis
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