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How exciting is a technical medical office build on a dense, challenging site?

Kaiser Permanente, Beaverton Medical and Dental Building


Kaiser Permanente


PKA Architects and HMC Architects


Beaverton, OR

Square Feet


The new Beaverton Medical and Dental Building was built on an active campus in close proximity to Kaiser’s old Beaverton Medical Office Building. Because of this, the old building needed to maintain existing operations during the construction of the new; vice versa, the old 91,000sf facility needed to be decommissioned, abated and demolished right next to the new facility once that was operational and full of patients and providers. The resulting success of Fortis’ skills with logistics, safety and quality was being honored with one of the client’s highest honors—the Kaiser Permanente Design and Construction Excellence Award.

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"It's an exciting opportunity all around to build a project of this scale and complexity...and learn from talented team members along the way."

Lindsay McIntyre

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